Google Plus for Gamers – A colorful world!


“Google Plus for Gamers” – Does this remind you of the search engine creator’s intuitive nature? Google Plus is a social networking site that can keep you occupied for several hours. And, the site’s excitement factor has increased by leaps and bounds with several thousand games. Google+ has a huge collection of games for different types of people. Here in this article, you will get a quick insight through top 9 trendy Google+ games. Secret tip – if you buy google plus ones, they can help enhance the gaming, especially if progress is based on sharing and inviting new players.

Game #1 – Dragon Age Legends

The list begins with Dragon Age Legends. This is an old yet famous game that brings to life the adventures and battles of a mighty dragon. The fascinating game is well known for its multiple levels, co-operative components and strategic combat-based game play.

Game #2 –Diamond Dash

“Google plus for gamers” will remain incomplete without Diamond Dash. In this simple game, you should match gems that are colored differently. As you match gems, the board will become clear. Diamond Dash has special challenges that will not disappoint you.

Game #3 – Wild Ones

“Wild Ones” is another interesting Google+ game with cute characters. The game features cute pets (designed to battle as soldiers) and colorful weapons. Notable inclusions in the game would include its multi player option, private matches (for friends) and splendid lifelines.

Game #4 – Sudoku

Sudoku is a very old puzzle, with a history that traces back by several centuries. The challenging game has to be played with lots of thought and concern. Players should be good with numbers to crack difficult Sudoku matches. And, Google Plus offers some of the town’s toughest Sudoku games. With many difficulty levels and special gaming invitations, Sudoku in Google+ has an edge above many other games.

Game #5 – City of Wonder

A very neat game in Google+ would be “City of Wonder”. The game became extremely famous with Facebook’s Farmville and SimCity. The fantasy based game has many social networking features. Additionally, you can invite family & friends to game with you.

Game #6 – Dragons of Atlantis

If you want a tribal battle, Dragons of Atlantis in Google+ is your cup of tea. The virtual game revolves around four tribes. Here each tribe should fight against one another and try to gain control. Mind blowing features in Dragons of Atlantis includes:

  • Scintillating graphics with amazing audio options.
  • A good story with many twists and turns.
  • An exotic collection of weapons to choose from.

Game #7 – Crime City

Crime City is another striking game in Google Plus. It is quite similar to Facebook’s Mafia Wars. As suggested by its name, the game expects players to take charge of a city through crime! The game exploits through the use of virtual money. Moreover, it features teams of professionals to support you.

Game #8 – Angry Birds

Last but certainly not least, “Angry Birds” is one of the most played games in Google Plus. Additionally, Angry Birds was amongst the first few games to be included in the social networking site.  With more than a million downloads – “Google Plus for Gamers” will remain incomplete without Angry Birds.

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